COVAXIN : India’s first vaccine for Covid -19 went for trail, Have a look !

COVAXIN is the first Indian made vaccine, which has gone for trial. 

The country’s first human trial from Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) has put there first step for Coronavirus ( COVID- 19) vaccine in front of the whole world, soon to conduct Phase I and II human trials

120 vaccine programmes are initiated. Indian firms are developing half a dozen vaccines.

The invention of this vaccine was made from a virus’ strain named SARS-CoV-2  which was weakened and isolated 

COVAXIN is developed as an inactivated vaccine. To grow the immunity of the human body, a vaccine is injected in an inactive form.

It was animal tested, and it advises it is safe. Which triggers a sufficient immunity response.

It is a collaboration with Indian Council of Medical Research and India’s National Institute of Virology. According to the chairman of Bharat Biotech Dr Krishna Ella.


Did you know? The largest manufacturer of generic drugs and vaccines in the world is India

This vaccine will be received by an undefined number of people, Bharat Biotech a Hyderabad-based firm as part of a trial. The firm Bharat Biotech, has delivered more than 4 billion doses of vaccines worldwide, has developed vaccines for H1N1 and rotavirus, among other diseases

We should really hope this works and life is going back to normal 

The clinical trials are scheduled in July. Results are out by October.

What do you think, will India successfully create a vaccine?

Tell me your views in the comment box!

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