Alchemize your stereotypical mindset.


Ever thought how every person you meet is so unique and so different despite immense similarity? Yes, but we still tend to misunderstand people according to our perception. I learnt most of that people tend to look at your actions to judge you which indeed is right. But can our actions actually determine our emotion, motive or intention behind it? Partly yes but not always. Just think about a situation where you were in and you did something knowing you are doing it but didn’t want to. I heard it. Y’all could relate. So if we were in that locale someone else could be too. So how hard it is to understand and sympathize with people? To not pass and judgement or opinion without a thought. Most of the people who give opinion might be experienced but not necessarily able to figure out things. And there comes the ego trying to crash all our mind and wants to believe in positively. we’ve been always ruled by someone psychologically, here is another keeping us duped in the illusion we feel is right and accepted reason being the impulse of wanting to fit in and look normal to world. And we all do it without even knowing it But if you look vividly you’ll see the traits in most of us. it could even be a little. We lust on looking sane for the world and in that race forget who we are. 

Do you feel lost? you don’t need to. You know why! 

Get obliged to exploring your outlook and perception for the world and people. To know what’s outside you need to first look inside. To know the world we first need to know ourselves and understand better. It’s not necessary to be understood by people with a limited outlook.

You never need to explain yourself to anyone unless and until your intention for doing something was cruel. Who are they to tell you when they don’t even have time to look at themselves but waste time on judging you? Who are they who just met you? Were they there when you had been through it all to understand the bruises that bled. So when they haven’t even been halfway in your shoe who gave them the privilege to pass judgements. Also, the same goes for the people who do it. So don’t get bothered when someone tries to bring you down or name you. It doesn’t matter and it shouldn’t. If it doesn’t bring you fruit in any way you don’t need it. And sometimes being a someone whom no one understands or maybe just misunderstood. Listen up it is fine! That’s a power baby

Be a mystery for them who don’t understand you and home to those who do. Embrace your mystery and let people who can’t break through it, go. We all are art which no understands…


I know you’ all are bored so I hope you’ all can watch it. Also keeping aside all the inimical impact of COVID-19 and looking at the positive side.

Don’t you’ all think we might be one of the luckiest people/generations to get holidays from our school/jobs. Like who could have thought we could get to do just nothing, no stress about what to do tomorrow no rush nothing. We have plenty of time to learn and improve our skills and ourselves and what are we doing, CRINGING? seriously…

 I mean I guess we wanted this right? some time for ourselves? A break from life! right? 

I’ve seen so many people posting about wanting vacations for 6 months twice a year. Dude its here(not the same tho but at least we got what we wanted partially!) and I’m sure we all had some work which we said we all do once we get the time and now we have. And we’re still not satisfied WHY? I mean we humans have adapted a habit of reacting or taking everything negatively which needs be changed for our personal growth. While we are all wasting time vexing we can actually turn it around and bring this in our favour. You guys! we all are capable of doing that but are in deep negligence of our capabilities. That’s also because we don’t know ourselves, do we? think about it. Stop embracing laziness and uselessness on Instagram to look cool and end the stereotype. We become what we believe and what we surround ourselves with and I’m sure we don’t want to become what the teenage culture is spreading right now which may seem savage and cool but actually isn’t. I just hope we wake up. Also, you guys have nothing to do, right? so why not take time to know ourselves, plan for the future and stay positive and happy!


Cheers to all the people who can change their minds when presented with information that contradicts their beliefs. There are a lot of people who know you but very few who understand you. People keep on judging which is kinda okay too. I mean not everyone is so mindful and at the highest level of their being. So let’s just consider it as a thing which people haven’t been able to master yet. We’ve been so caught up with the stereotypes of the world that we aren’t ready to look beyond it. We see a person and judge others by the way WE ARE. How can you forget that every individual has a very unique personality of their own? No matter how similar people might be they’re still different and don’t you think that’s the intriguing thing about us humans? Yet we tend to hurt others or just demolish this by our limited mindset and paltry ability to belive in varied possibilities and that’s why we fail to accept people as they are or maybe just pass a judgement according to what we do or what we have experienced till now. But ask yourself is that right? I mean most of us have been judged like that. It matters for some, or it doesn’t and for some it does but they pretended like it did not matter. Which one of them are you? I got the answer. We are the people who get ruffled by this human behaviour but forget even we are the ones doing the exact same! Not denying, I have done the same but I am grateful that I understood this, at least I did. So let’s just be a little open about life and people. Let’s unblock our mindset and perception and see what happens. I tried in and in my experience, the world seems even better people seem even more interesting and our curiosity to know and explore every emotion and traits surge. Try it, change is necessary! Learn to accept people and how they are rather than imposing your traits and perception on someone!

Let me know your views on this in the comment box!

One thought on “Alchemize your stereotypical mindset.

  1. I love it. People need to know this and understand how change is important and how people are different than YOU and embrace it and live life on your terms rather than accepting the set reality, rather make it, make changes in you first and then your surroundings, your neighborhood, your country, whole world even! You have the power to do so, just realize that, think big, work towards your goals and making your dreams come true rather than drifting wherever your mood takes you, think for the future but also be in the moment. We decide what goes inside and what comes outside of us, feed yourself positivity and give out the same, become vegetarian cause eating dead meat drags you down from becoming your best version and open your eyes for the cruel meat/slaughter industry you are supporting by eating meat, CHANGE, become the best version of yourself. Acquire some great habits, WE ARE CREATURES OF OUR HABITS, first we create our habits and then our habits create us. Make wise decisions, your decisions are everything, you are reading this post cause you decided to and hope it brings you positivity and help you become wiser than you already are and remember these things and do something good for yourself and the world around you, thank you, God bless you!

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