Nasa created a Perfume which smells like [Space]

Ever wondered how space smells like? 
NO? Nasa is here with a new invention a perfume which has a fragrance like smells 

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“Eau de Space” this perfume which brings space fragrance to earth.
Well this perfume was made for astronauts to keep them away from space odour, while in space.

Who created it and when?

Steve Pearce, A founder of Omega ingredients and a chemist and In 2012, the fragrance was produced but was not made available to the audience.
But soon the product is going to hit the market for everyone out there.

How does it smell?

Peggy Whitson, an astronaut and a former resident of an International space station was interviewed by the CNN back in the year 2002 and she said “

I think it kind of has almost a bitter kind of smell in addition to being smoky and burned”.

How much does it cost and is it available ?

An American public-benefit corporation which is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Kickstarter holds a global crowdfunding platform according to the creativity 

Thanks to Kickstarter, the fragrance is going to shoot the market soon.

You can purchase the product at

Kickstarter page for Eau de Space says:

“We’re excited to announce a stretch goal: At $40,000 we will be upgrading the size fragrance of all backers pledges from 2 ounces to 4 ounces. No action is needed from you, all backers will receive this upgrade. Have ideas for future stretch goals? Message us 🙂 You’re part of the family now too. If you haven’t yet, please share this project with a friend or loved one-It will help us reach even more STEM programs”. 

Commercial of Nasa space perfume video

So, Are you ready to smell like space on the planet earth, 

Let me know in the comment box below?

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