These Eleven IOS 14 upgrades are everything you always wanted! Take a look.

1) Redesign Home Screen with Widgets.

The all new IOS 14 has got a hot feature with an enhanced home screen. It lets you add widgets on your home screen. You can add-adjust-remove anywhere on the home screen. This is a pretty cool upgrade as it saves your time and notifies about you the updates right on your home screen.

You can add widgets like the weather forecast, Music, Maps, Photos, Stocks, Batteries, etc. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
Also, you can adjust their size accordingly 


The new apple library,
Slide all the way from the right to the left to see your Home Screen pages to the new App Library view.

Every app you install on your iPhone is automatically created into a folder
like Lifestyle, Productivity, Creativity, Utilities, Social, Education, Games, Reference and Reading, and Health and Fitness.
You also get a search bar on the top.


Yes yes yes! we all have been waiting for this so eagerly and after so many years of waiting for apple has finally decided to remove the full-screen calls. Guess who’s not gonna pick up calls from now onwards 😉


Apple advances its privacy protection for the consumers every time there’s an IOS software update 

App Store Privacy

Apple has built a new section on each product page for apps on the Appstore. So before downloading an app you can read it’s easy-to-read summary of privacy practices before you download some app.


In IOS 14, Apple now provides you with a notification when an app or widget accesses text that has been copied to the clipboard.

So now you can know what apps are entering the texts stored on the clipboard.

Tracking Controls

App developers must need your permission before tracking you 

Now, you can choose the apps that have permission to track you.

You can simply decline the request of the app to track you by toggling off “Allow apps to request to track” option in the privacy section of the settings app.

Approximate Location

You now have the option to choose to share your approximate location rather than an accurate location, for apps that require your location to work. 

This allows you to get the information you want but also doesn’t provide the app to know where you exactly are.

Network Access

User permissions are required to connect and find lock devices on your network. Local devices like smart home products which are controlled by some apps need to get user permission while connection.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

There’s an option to “Use private Address” when Wifi is connected, To prevent network operators from tracking your iPhone. 

Found in Settings app > Wifi. (While selecting the Wi-Fi you’re connected to)

You can also rename Bluetooth devices in IOS 14.

Photos Access

There is no longer a need to allow the app to access all of your photos!

IOS now lets you decide to block access, allow blanket access, or select specific photos that every app would be able to see.

Contacts Autofill

Instead of providing third-party apps with access to your Contacts, Apple now lets you type individual names into an app to automatically fill in their corresponding phone numbers, addresses, and other info. Autofill pulls from the Contacts app and is done on-device, and contacts are not shared with third-party developers without consent.

Sign in with Apple

Apple is pushing for more sites and services to adopt Sign in with Apple, and developers now have access to an API that will let customers upgrade their existing accounts to Sign in with Apple for better privacy protections.

5) Recording Indicator

If an application is using the mic or the camcorder for recording

A Small dot light will appear on the top next to the mobile network bar.

You can spot the light when an app is in active use or is being used in the background to you make sure apps aren’t secretly recording you without your concern.


It helps you communicate with others who don’t speak your language.

Imagine travelling to a country who don’t speak your mother tongue or our international language ENGLISH!

Well, Apple has fixed this issue of Communication by the translate app which lets you translate whatever language you speak into. That too it’s completely OFFLINE! JUST WOOW


Siri has got an upgrade again, It doesn’t take up your whole screen and works while using any other applications. It just covers the small circle on the bottom of your iPhone.


This feature lets you unlock your car through your iPhone.

How? It is an NFC-based feature, this unlocks your car by tapping an apple watch or an iPhone on the door handle.

Car key can lock your car, can be used to start your vehicle engine when the iPhone is on NFC reader or when kept on car wireless charge.

Wallet app is where your digital key is stored. There are also features like to share the digital key to a friend or family person through Imessages

You can restrict your key types & car in multiple ways. You can add limits on top speed, acceleration, stereo volume, traction control. Apple says it’s for ideals parents who want to keep eyes on their children.

Running out of battery, that’s what are you thinking right? Car key even works when you run out of battery. All thanks to the reserve feature.

You can access the car key up to 5 hours after your phone is dead.

Just Like CarPlay, Car Key needs to be implemented by automobile companies because it needs a car to have NFC.

So that’s going to automatically work. 

The first car to support this feature is The BMW Series 5 facelift.

These features are arriving in the series of BMW which are manufactured after 1 July 2020.

9) Car play 

Image credit : apple insider

IOS 14, CarPlay supports customisable wallpaper, so you can choose a new look for the CarPlay Dashboard and Home Screen. Cars with portrait screens also now have the option of a status bar on the bottom of the CarPlay display, for wider app views and a more natural layout.

Additional app categories are supported, so CarPlay users will be able to download third-party parking, EV charging, and quick food ordering apps. Siri in CarPlay can send audio messages and share ETAs with friends and family.

10) Back tap Feature 

Also in IOS 14, “Back Tap” feature lets you double-tap and triple tap on the back of your iPhone to perform an action like Taking a Screenshot, Adjusting the volume, Accessing the control centre, open Siri, and many more.

It’s useful for anyone who loves to have more shortcuts instead of using their fingers, All you have to a is doubletap or Tripple tap on the back.

Pretty fast!

11) App Clips

App clips are something that lets you use some of the features like ordering a pizza or booking a ticket without actually downloading the app


  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 8
  • iPod touch (7th generation)
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone SE (2nd generation)
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone SE (1st generation)
  • iPhone 8 Plus

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IOS 14 Features in Hindi:

IOS 14 features in English :

What do you think is the coolest feature of Apple IOS 14, Tell me in the comment section below!

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