Vulnerability – My strength, Not penance.

What makes you vulnerable, makes you beautiful.

– Brene’ Brown.

So what is being vulnerable?

Well, this phrase often potentially baffles and is misunderstood by people; as a setback, relentless or a feeling of albatross but it actually is one’s greatest strength and a feeling which does downsize your insecurity, when you express your thoughts and affirm them proudly. Strength does not mean that you have to put on a facade, i think strength is being vulnerable. People constantly pretend that they have no vulnerabilities but truth be told everyone has their own share. I think vulnerability is one’s strength in a way one has not yet understood. I don’t want anyone to be afraid of sharing their vulnerable moments, because its such strength to share your feelings of being vulnerable; importantly, we strengthen our connection with ourselves and people we share it with. Learning to learn about being vulnerable and to express those moments takes a lot of efforts as we are figuring out who we really are (as change is constant) and there are different levels of emotions that you go through. The best is when you feel confident, beautiful and comfortable with yourself, which had grown up i realized, all of this comes when you accept yourself and your vulnerabilities, i know deep down you relate this.

Why education is consequential for one’s thoughts ?

Education should not be done just for the degree you need to support your career. Whilst education is important for external growth and knowledge. It is also important for personal growth which entails, how to think. Education gives you confidence and a bit of eloquence. Education should be personal, as it enables us to think about how to think and teaches us to learn how to learn things. Here, no one telling you to get thorough with all the math formulas or all the history dates; no i know that’s how it works, but the process and your approach is what matters the most, in your transit.

Express yourself.

We inhabit in a world where we judge ourselves through how the world is going to perceive us, because as they say; it;s a rabbit hole while there’s a fishbowl effect. It is already difficult to wake up every single day and constantly feel good about yourself after seeing the highlights of everyone else. To be able to express ourselves, we should have a sound understanding of who we are and what our needs and wants are. One should know how to strike the balance between what you want to think and what you need to think. Express yourself without thinking about the external world because it’s highly probable and as higher success rate for you to attempt to change your mind-set than to change the worlds.

Don’t subversive your standpoints, affirm them.

All of us have our own inner fears, beliefs and opinions. It describes a lot about one’s personality, as these inner thoughts govern different departments of your life, it is important to vent it out. The more people you meet the more you could share your perception with and try to understand theirs. As much as an exchange of perception takes place, you become more comfortable with sharing your story with your standpoints as you learn to express, to communicate. Paying forth your convictions will help you find and understand yourself even more. Remember, your beliefs are part of what you think on a daily basis, your thoughts are incipient actions.

The rewards of vulnerability are unmeasurable.

Being vulnerable is not a choice, it’s a reality of living. What we do with that vulnerability can either open up doors to deeper connections or stall the growth and fulfilments. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend your inner thoughts and to be vocal about it, but its hands down not impossible. We should keep on keeping on to learn ourselves. Being able to articulate your emotions; one should not judge themselves and this can happen one’s you understand that everybody’s balance is different, one should be authentic to themselves and understand that you have to have those low moments to appreciate those high moments.


So what should we pay it forward; i read this beautiful quote long back which says “Never be ashamed of telling your story because telling your story is the foundation of your identity.” So express yourself, be yourself, embrace your vulnerabilities and love yourself; because in very many ways, everything starts and ends with you.

  • Did this help you shift your irrational thoughts with rational ones? Let me know.

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