How to grow a self-supporting pandemic free lifestyle in 2020?

“2020 is a worst year so far” this in trending all over social media and all of us are relating to it. but we’ve got you covered on how to deal with life during this pandemic mentally, emotionally and physically and financially and how to grow and built your lifestyle

We all have been having a hard time since the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been really tough time for us. This period has been such a headache for everyone. And the biggest question mark in front of all of us WHAT NEXT?


Taking a jog early morning will help you relax and give your body a proper stretch which would be a fresh start to a day

This would brighten up your day and relax your mind, but make sure you take proper safety measures. 

Jogging benefits you to grow your immunity system also can help protect you from the negative effects of stress and as you age, It keeps your spine flexible.

If another jogger passing by your side or person having COVID-19 could infect you :

You should always 
1)Wear a mask
2) Maintain 6 Feet distance, as the virus can spread through by wind flowing at your direction.
3) Avoid going to air-conditioned areas


Making a routine is the first step towards success. And help you out working towards your goals in future.

Start your day with a fresh coffee, workout a little bit and just go according to the routine you have planned.

 A routine gives you the vision to work and helps to manage your time. A study found that doing the same activities as dressing, bathing eating, dressing, and bathing at the same time every day improves sleep quality. 

It also helps you have a healthy lifestyle and reduces stress. Also helps you to complete your work before the deadline.

It will buy you more time and you find that you have plenty of time to relax and chill. As they say, A systematic routine breaks your bad habits.

Regularly write down your routine for the next day before going to bed. This would also help you in managing your time. You should definitely try out a routine planner


Whoever successful out there you see always reads a book, some of them might be born intelligent but successful people are readers. They read, learn, analyze and introduce themselves to new ideas which keep them moving forward.

Reading gives you a new perspective to a complex level. You develop a new vision which gives you the power to change your life. This vision helps you grow and gives you the ability to solve your problems. 

Reading a book increases your productivity, imagination, helps you to be more creative and open-minded.

Reading is good for your brain health, As “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison. 


We all know our brains act against us when we’re trying to do a difficult task. That’s in our heads because when you do what you love no one can stop you. Have fun whatever you are working with. Fall in love with your work and if you don’t find happiness in what you are doing. Maybe that’s just not meant for you.

Tricking your brain is an easy task. When you try to do hard things your brain always get distracted and your connectivity gets detached. Studies say when you listen to specific music your brain starts reacting and lets you concentrate more on work. Due to this, your brain gets a habit of working more. 

While working I listen to study music like techno or lofi hip hop (something without lyrics) in the background this helps me reach my deadlines fast and creates consistency.

While completing a task your brain gets triggered by the music and it knows it’s time for work. Also, it doesn’t let you distract from unwanted noises. 

Also, when you complete a difficult task don’t forget to reward yourself with a treat or something that makes you happy. 

Remember the time as a kid when your mom treated you with yummy delicious food when you did a good job or When your dad got you your favourite video game when you got good marks? 

This treating yourself with rewards exactly works the same way, it makes your soul happy and keeps your brain excited to do a more difficult task.


Creating a budget is a must in 2020. COVID -19 crisis has affected many salaries and income of everyone and some of the businesses have even stopped. If you haven’t started tracking down your expenses I would highly recommend you to start doing it. 

Keep a note of every time you buy things in your daily lives. List them out and stop buying unwanted things. For example, If you already have a wardrobe packed don’t buy expensive items and clothes this year. This could save you a lot of money.

Get a budgeting planner for yourself and start tracking every penny you spend.

This works like magic and you would just save a lot!


Being in touch with your closest ones is a hack for your mental health. It keeps you comfortable and lets your stress go away.

Just video call your dear ones, tell them you miss them talk about life, your sparkling Lil movements, your problems, business, work, profession future.

This keeps you going and gives you a stress-free break from your life.

Trust me it works!


Getting you in shape is the most important thing to do in 2020.

As Covid-19 cases are rising incredibly and less immunity causes you a great risk of getting the Virus. 

Getting yourself a diet will not only increase the immunity but also make you tougher.  


When I say spend some time online, I don’t mean to surf the internet.

YES, Internet suffering is good but not much, you can learn something on social media platforms, get yourself educated.

Make a new stream of income online.

Get started with your first blog.
Start a youtube channel educate people about your skills.
If you already have a blog or YouTube channel just make consistent uploads. Keep your audience engaged by constant uploads.

Trust me consistency is the key to grow your following.

Learn how to monetize your channels, Instagram, Facebook, Website, and YouTube. 

Doing these things will keep you engaged and even would start giving you a small amount of online income in the start which you can grow accordingly.


Yoga keeps your mental senses alive and keeps your mind at peace. Doing yoga might keep your body fit and fine but also increase your mental health. 

Yoga is performed by most businessmen, influencers and many other professionals to keep them happy which helps them have good mental health Yoga helps you heal and is helpful for to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.


Clearly, you watch a lot of movies! but do you know that when you watch a sad or a depressing movie the emotional wringing you get from tragedy, triggers the endorphin system. 

This is not what I say, this is said by Robin Dunbar, a co-author of the research and professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Oxford.


Every step you take matters when you take the first step and make it a success. Congratulations you’ve unlocked the new level. Now you are on level too. Now you’ve to realise that you’ve to work harder and smarter than before and repeat the same until you reach your goal. This is how you achieve something in your life.
And what if you failed a level? Try Again.

People say success is the key but I say failure is key. when you fail to do a task you learn from your mistakes and then fix your failure.

The mistakes you’ve made gives you the understanding to try the same thing again without repeating the same mistakes. Rich and successful people do this then why don’t you?

Just keep on moving and don’t let small obstacles stop you, thus little steps matter!


We all know that we live in an ugly society where our own closed once are sometimes don’t understand us. We always need someone to talk through. But don’t be so harsh on yourself! Always find a way out and talk to a friend who completely understands your situation. In a way, you will feel better and the person you are talking to will feel better too.

 It’s a win-win situation for both. This gives you the willpower to fight back and achieve whatever you are willing to.

After all, we are humans and we have feelings and we always need someone or the other alongside.


If you repeatedly feel depressed or have anxiety issues you concern your psychiatrist, don’t have one go and book an appointment now, there no shame at sharing what you feel. It’s natural and should be treated with proper medication.

If you are seeking for help you can contact on the below helpline number.


We all are having tougher times throughout this Covid-19 Pandemic, we all are in this together.
Get help from someone if you are stuck somewhere. Help people who are in need.
Keep yourself healthy and stay fit.
Students must stay calm and learn different skills through online platforms and by attending valuable webinars and develop a side by side money-making skill. This would help you earn a little amount.
For those who lost their jobs, take little steps and do not panic, don’t spend on unnecessary stuff. Keep applying your resume on different company websites.
If you are a Freelancer, apply yourself or have the skill to educate someone just start branding yourself and educating people by hosting webinars and through online platforms.
For Business owners whose businesses have been facing a stop, I would personally suggest not to invest heavy amounts in any other businesses.
Take some time THINK THINK THINK and then take a responsible step.
This year 2020 has been tough for all of us. But this year definitely has thought us a lot of lessons and has opened our perspective on another level.


My warriors, Let me know by posting it in the comment section below

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